DAYS OF AWE is an anthology of fiction containing thirteen unique stories with a very simple prompt: What if we saved ourselves? In this anthology, you will find stories of reimagined history, stories of pirates, assassins, resistance fighters, renaissance faires, golems, art theft, an apocalyptical future, and even a story about a space library!

You’ll get to read…
Or (Aviva Blakeman)
The Dagger of Devorah (Riv Begün)
Making Amends (Elsie Marrone)
The Hearing of Memory’s Voice (J.J. Steinfeld)
All’s Faire (Avrah C. Baren)
Sparrows Made from Darkness (Rachel Smithline)
Of Two Brothers (Sue Bursztynski)
At Her Feet (Tess Bowery)
The Golem of Greifswalder Straße (Francesca Kühlers)
Singer of Righteousness (Celia Winter)
The Agent: Double Oy-Vey (Chava Nagila)
Mishkan (Rachel Mauro)
The Sefaria Archive (Rachel Finston)